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Large Event Tent Rentals

Serving Tennessee, Kentucky, & Alabama

Planning an event where you need to a tent to accommodate from one hundred to a thousand guests? Speak to one of our large event tent experts at Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions. If you've attended a large event since 1934 with large tents, you were probably inside one of our tents.

Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions is uniquely qualified to handle the demands that come from large and high profile events, from sporting events to corporate functions, festivals to celebrity weddings.

We have a large inventory of tent styles and sizes that include:

  • Large Wedding Reception Tents (Above 100 Guests)
  • Corporate Event Tents
  • Festival & Fair Tents
  • Sporting Event Tents
  • Convention Tents
  • Trade Show Tents
  • Municipal Event Tents
  • Disaster Relief Tents.

Why Choose Us For Your Special Event?

  • Huge Selection Of Tent Styles & Sizes
  • Event Planning & Consultation
  • CAD & 3D Design & Visualization of Your Event
  • Professional, Safe Tent Installation & Removal
  • Tables, Chairs, Lighting, & Heating & Cooling Units
  • Senior Management Team With Over 135 Years Experience
Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions provides tents for special events with attendees from 100 to 4,000. From large weddings to fairs and festivals, special sporting events to elaborate corporate events, we'll help you serve your guests in style.

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 Customer Testimonials

"Hallelujah! The wedding was a memorable and splendid affair. The level of professionalism you brought to the event made it now only a pleasure to work with you, but insured the resounding success of the evening. Thanks to your spectacular tent & liner, Louisville has never seen a more beautiful party. Billy Clark and his crew were nothing short of magicians." - Mother & Father of the Bride

"All of you do an excellent job - courteous, professional, punctual and available. Communication is excellent!" Thank you for another terrific experience."
- Gail, Logistics Chair, charity event